Producing exciting and culturally relevant events is what we specialise in. Over the years, Purple Riot have curated and delivered hundreds of engaging activations for clients in the fashion, shopping centre, hospitality, beauty, and leisure sectors. 

It is always our absolute goal to create something truly unique and memorable and it makes our soul cry when we see big brands playing it safe and rolling out the same old tired entertainers and themes.  

If you want your event to stand out and set you apart from your competitors, here are our top five tips for success:

1.     Understand your audience and what’s your why? 

Firstly, every single event needs to start with audience insight. Who do you want to engage with and why? Inviting your audience to experience your event in a meaningful way that makes sense to them is absolutely key. 

We see so many launch parties, especially in hospitality, that roll out the same old entertainers with no real reason other than they’re ‘fun’, and whilst these types of events can entertain the masses, why not create something sophisticated, targeted and relevant?  

Once you’ve established your who and your why, you can start to think about the basic elements and details. What timings would suit best? A formal or less formal approach? Immersive, experiential or educational? Do you need food and drink? How should staff dress? Is social sharing an important objective and how do you create ‘Instagrammable’ elements? Is it a public event or for your VIP’s and influencers? 

Understanding your why and your audience is the foundation on which your event style and content should absolutely be built on.

2.     Use insight and research for inspiration 

At Purple Riot, we immerse ourselves in the research process and spend time reviewing trends and future trends using industry media, case studies, and social media. 

To spark ideas for design elements and details, Pinterest is a fantastic source of inspiration, and we use Instagram, Twitter and social listening tools to get insight into the conversations and language used by top influencers and their followers in a particular sector. 

When the research phase is complete, create mood boards and visuals which will help communicate the overall vision and style of your event, and help to get stakeholder buy-in in the initial stages. 

Finding the perfect space for your event, if outside of your venue or premises, can be time-consuming, so always set aside a good amount of time for research and recces. You may have a strong idea about what kind of venue will work, but always throw in a few wild cards as well, as sometimes the most unlikely space will turn out to be perfect. 

3.     Be truly creative and memorable

It can be a crying shame to see big brands taking a safe approach to events. With larger budgets, the sky is the limit for creativity, so why not opt for something memorable?   

We've all attended cheesy launch parties that are dull as dishwater, so think about what you can do to engage, entertain and wow your guests. Think about how you want them to feel, and what you want them to learn, how can you create something compelling and exciting? 

Our recent product launch event for international beauty giant Beauty Bay, saw a glamorous and young crowd attend an experiential product launch party at fantastic venue The Loft, in central Manchester. The space was the perfect backdrop, and combined elements of industrial Manchester but with a luxe finish.  

We needed to effortlessly engage our social-media and beauty obsessed audience, so we created stylish bespoke décor installations and experiential elements based on trends, not only from the beauty sector but also from interiors, fashion, and music. Every touchpoint throughout the event, the food and drink, and even the toilets, were on brand and ‘Instagrammable’. 

The event was a huge success with queues around the corner and the products sold out online the next day! 

Read the full Beauty Bay case study here. 


4.   Walk-through the customer journey as many times as possible beforehand

Anyone that works in events will tell you things can and do always go wrong at the last minute, so as well as being able to think quickly on your feet, it’s absolutely essential to not leave ANYTHING to chance and be super organised.

It goes without saying that you should walk through the customer journey as many times as possible before the event. Cover every single detail in your walk-through, from queuing up outside, to ordering food and drink, to taking part in any activities, leave no stone unturned. 

Always make sure everyone involved is briefed and has all documentation and the running order as soon as possible before the event. Assign a point of contact to your different suppliers, as the last thing you need on event day is people turning up not knowing where to go or who to speak to. Even when you have done this, suppliers can still miraculously be completely oblivious to what’s going on, so make sure your whole team are briefed on who and what goes where! 

A great event looks and feels effortless, but there’s a lot that goes on beforehand and behind the scenes to ensure your guests leave happy. Careful planning and death by spreadsheet are absolutely essential in the weeks before your event. 

5.     Post-event engagement

So your event was a huge success, but what’s next? How will you engage with your audience after the last guest has gone home? And the following day, week or month?

Think of your business objectives and create a call to action. What do you need to do to ensure that guests come back, share information about the venue, product or service, or go on to make a purchase? 

At our Beauty Bay event, the main objectives were to create hype about their new eyeshadow palettes amongst VIP guests and influencers, drive social sharing and reach, and impact sales when they officially launched online the following day. 

As well as creating excitement about the products at the event, we ensured that there were clear call to action points throughout the venue with bespoke hashtags for the products and event itself, printed collateral with information about the brand and how to buy, and GIF booth social sharing facilities. We also included bespoke discount codes for each guest in the goody bags to further drive sales after the event.  

You can read the full Beauty Bay case study here. 

Purple Riot specialise in creative event management in Manchester and nationally. Our goal is to work with brands and businesses that want to create something inspiring, exciting and memorable. Get in touch to see how we can help you #createariot. Email or call us on 0161 834 6964. 

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